Tracking system

Tracking system
The insurance process and the preservation of valuable possessions remains a participatory process between the citizen and the state’s security and police agencies in order to establish a safe and reassuring society, to devote itself to production and development after it is safe from fear and hunger.
Not a while ago, GPS tracking technology invaded many countries of the world and greatly contributed to facilitating the lives of citizens and providing a lot of energies and material and human resources.
We aim to localization of tracking device services through local servers and systems to prevent privacy breaches from abroad.


The product presents many of services

Determine location

Determine the vehicle's location, speed, and engine performance

Reports of status

Reports of vehicle movement, oil position and speed

Control of starting

Control of stopping and starting the car, especially in case of thefts

Periodic reports

Periodic reports of instructions sent to the car


The product presents many of benefits

the programs for the server, computers and smart phone applications were locally developed by Sudanese experts and programmers with the latest programming languages ​​and a high degree of security to ensure that no penetration and tracking from any third party.

the server is placed inside the country to avoid the database being outside the country.

There is a great economic advantage to the project as it reduces the exchange of hard currency. In the event that the server’s program is local, all subscriptions and activations are in local currency, which saves hard currency or increases demand for it that was raising the dollar.

The project also provides the state with fuel, aspirators and wasting time by controlling and monitoring all state movements through the Government Vehicle Control Department.

through accurate reports that cannot be manipulated, especially with regard to the speed and neglect of changing oils and periodic maintenance, which results in accidents and maintenance that increase the burdens of insurance companies.