Smart Water Meters

Smart Water Meters
The world is facing a problem represented by the decline in the percentage of drinkable water. This problem is getting worse and bigger day after day. This is due to the huge increase in population, and because of industrial progress and the resulting environmental pollution, including water pollution.

Since water is the basis of life and cannot be dispensed with, everyone must rationalize its consumption. Rationalizing water consumption begins from the home, through the university, and all the way to public facilities. Until water rationalization becomes a community culture for the correct and optimal use of it, and benefiting from it at the lowest possible quantity and cost in all areas of life.

Rationing water use

High accuracy in determining consumption

Accounting justice

Water leak detection

Detecting violators (tampering)

Providing a reserve balance in case of emergency

Ease of use

Possibility of collecting arrears

Controlling financial receipts


We offer products of various specifications to meet all special requirements.

GPRS Wireless water meter
RFID Wireless water meter
LoRa Wireless water meter
  • Multi Jet
  • Dray Type
  • Smart ID Card
  • IP 68 (water and dust resister)
  • Class C (MI-001/OMIL R49) MID
  • Lithium Battery
  • Filter with small mesh
  • Filter with large mesh
  • Tamper system
  • Air trapper
  • Plastic seal
  • Protection (dust – sun light)
  • Non return valve