We generate creativity

We generate creativity

Shfte Company Limited

Working in the fields of engineering, business management, and information technology

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We are a company whose efforts are focused on covering the business needs that are constantly expanding among clients with the most advanced solutions in the fields of engineering, business management, and information technology. Developed and provided by a team with scientific, practical, and administrative experiences to ensure the quality of services provided and provide the best solutions and technical consultations.

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Working in the fields of engineering, business management, and information technology


Tracking system

The insurance process and the preservation of valuable possessions remains a participatory process between the citizen and the state’s security and police agencies in order to establish a safe and reassuring society, to devote itself to production and development after it is safe from fear and hunger.


Flight Simulator

Air Traffic services that are provided to the aircraft, either at the aerodrome or in the approaching stage or in case of crossing the airspace of the country.


Electronic Hygiene

It is an integrative program between the citizen, the government and the company. The electronic hygiene project is a service application that means transporting, sorting and disposing of waste.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a source that won't run out. They are natural and self-replenishing, and usually have a low- or zero-carbon footprint. We provide construction and operation of power station for solar and wind energy.


Renewable Energy

The world is facing a problem represented by the decline in the percentage of drinkable water. This problem is getting worse and bigger day after day. This is due to the huge increase in population, and because of industrial progress and the resulting environmental pollution, including water pollution.

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To innovate and develop new methods of automated systems that achieve excellence for companies and institutions in an atypical way through work.


With us you will not be just a customer but we create success together.

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We use the latest technologies in designing solutions and writing programs to deliver an effective product while ensuring after-sales services and continuous development.

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